Vehicle Security

We offer a complete and comprehensive systems for Vehicle Security.  Cars - Trucks - Earthmoving - Motorbikes - Caravans - Boats - Forklifts

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Are you the owner of a Back hoe or small excavation equipment ?

The Vehicle Tracking System is just what you need.  
If your back hoe is stolen it can be tracked to its location and greatly assist in the return of your property.
As a  business operator, you cannot afford to have any downtime due to the theft of any of your equipment.
You will be surprised how affordable the Vehicle Tracking System is.

For more information contact Andrew on  -
02 4283 3130  -  02 4284 4721

Alarms - Immobilisers - Central Locking

We are able to offer an excellent choice of product to cover all of your  vehicle security requirements.

All systems are installed by qualified staff with years of experience.

We also offer a repair/replacement service for your existing Security System including fuel cut out switches to suit your special needs.

Talk to our sales team about any special requirements you may have and we will offer our professional advice and service.